Cooking Madness Mod Apk 2023 Unlimited Money/Diamonds

Cooking Madness Mod Apk  Description

The game is about a friendly happy chef who dreams to serve his customers well. Cooking madness mod apk is a game about dreams and passion. No business is too big or too small until you do it with all your heart.

The game is about the love of food and your dedication to this world of cooking. Here, you must meet deadlines and avoid burnt food also serve the customers on time so they may leave heavy tips. This place is not a huge restaurant so you do not need to worry about a luxurious sitting place. Focus on food and take customer orders.

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Downloading this APK has never been this easy. Go to the popping download button on this page and click on it. Next, you must allow the third party to access their file on your device. Now, run the file to install and register to stay connected.

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Cooking Madness Mod Apk Cover Free Download
 Name:Cooking Madness -A Chef’s Game
 Version:  2.3.1
 MOD Features:Money/Diamonds/No Ads
Developer:ZenLife Games Ltd
 Safety:Safe 100%
 Last Update:3 Days Ago
Play store:Google Play

Gameplay Cooking Madness Mod Apk

This entire game is a dream of becoming the most famous chef in the world. Move around places and learn their dishes. Add every dish to your menu and get more coins. Starting from a single-item dish and beverage to the well-balanced course, this game is a joy forever.

Customers come in with 3 orders each and you must keep them ready to meet the time limits. Make your customers happy by using the time match hack and collect tips. The game even suggests what your next purchase should be. Some levels are time challenges which means you have to meet the goal of collecting a number of coins in the given bracket of time.

Features of Cooking Madness Mod Apk

Multiple Levels and Chains of Food Businesses

The starting level 1 of the game is like an introduction to the game rules. Here we find out that we have a limited supply of dishes and equipment. When you move further into the game many other objects become important as more customers start coming to your place. Be ready to face the time tackle challenge as well.

Unlimited Coins and Gems in Addition to Handsome Tips

Customers come in all the time with new orders. You must focus on their demands and make the dishes accordingly. As the number of customers increase the speed of order delivery must also increase. For this you can unlock and purchase other objects and collect more tips. Each level has a certain money limit level that can only exceed if you are fast enough. If you readily give what the customer asked for, they will give you better tips. Customer satisfaction is most important in such cases.

Sell Products to all Customers

We must focus on all customers equally. As the initial stages of the game consist of only two items so you have to be quick and serve the customers without distinction. Old and young all customers are equally important. When the clients leave they should go happily so they come back again and also bring friends.

Be on Time and Avoid Burnt Food

As all items have a certain time limit for cooking so if you don’t remove them from the stove in time, they will burn. Any burnt item needs to go to the trash and this would be a waste for you. On your way to success, make sure you never disappoint any customer. Try and deliver the orders as demanded and focus on what they are asking. Wrong orders are not delivered and also go to the trash. Be very attentive while preparing the dish and also deliver it to the right person.

Unlock Multiple Gadgets

When you first start the game you have access to limited supplies only. This works for a while until more customers start coming to your place. Now you need more equipment and other ingredients too. Use the coins and money you received from your customers and purchase more items from the menu section. Do not be hasty in purchasing all the stuff at once. The fun part with this MOD game is that you get an unlimited supply of coins and gems that is more useful.

What’s New

This fun game has every graphic and animation new and fresh made. Extend your place and add numerous other dishes. His way more clients will be attracted to your place. Also, add furniture and cuisines as you level up in the game.

With higher levels, you start to move between countries. The new challenge is meeting the speed of coming clients and serving your happy customers. When you are dealing with multiple customers at a time you must speed up the cooking process too. For this, you may use the in-app purchase and get some hacks.

There is a customer satisfaction bar mentioned on your screen. More happy and satisfied customers mean that you have succeeded and also they leave more tips. Some levels lead you to oceans and other water lands with awesome outdoor views. Likewise, your menu changes and you learn new combinations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the game free to get?

If you get the game from the Google play store or this article, this game will be free to download. Otherwise, some parts of this app need real or app money to make purchases.

Does this game work on pc?

The game works equally perfect on both android devices and pc. Get the game as mentioned in the download section and have fun on your device.

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