Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod Apk 2023 Unlimited Gold/Shopping/Money

Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod Apk game is about zombie attacks where they wish to kill humans and make them zombies too. Also, they plan to take over human lands and eat human brains. In such a situation you come to the front as a hero and start to clear them without any fear.

When the game starts, you are in the middle of an apocalypse where all except you have become a zombie but you don’t give up. You pick up the basic objects and use them as weapons and start hitting any zombie that approaches you.

In such a devastating situation you wish to find your close family and friends. Pick up your tools of defense and run around to look for your loved ones. In addition, attack all the zombies that come close to you and win rewards like money and gold.

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Info Table

 Name:Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
 Version:  1.065
 MOD Features:Money/Full Unlocked/No Ads
 Safety:Safe 100%
 Last Update:2 Days Ago
CategoryRole Playing
Play store:Google Play

GamePlay Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod Apk

Those who wish to play the survival game and stay in the thrilling world always search for games like this. Moreover, we present to you the game from the survival genre where you are in a constant state of threat and battle. Here nothing is constant. You must work hard to keep your life connected with humans.

In this game, we are talking about the loss of loved ones. No family or friends are here for support. In addition, players must keep looking for survival techniques and killing zombies. The key to success is through staying alive as long as you can. You can also try the Harvest Town MOD APK which is like this game.

Features of Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod Apk

Quest to find Family

All your loved ones have disappeared due to the invasion attack of zombies in your town. To find them you plan a strategy for a rescue mission. You must finish these monsters to save humanity and in this case, you need to be more attentive. You have not yet found your family and it is a very depressing situation that you have to see how civilized people have all become monsters.

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Your Choice Of Weapons For The Battle

As the game starts, you just have a baseball to protect yourself. But you know that it is not enough. Weapons, food, water, and equipment are all necessary for your survival but reaching them is a hard job. In addition, choosing your weapon wisely give more power to yourself by giving uniform, shoes, some food, and smart weapons going through hard parts and trying to stay alive. When you kill zombies, you get their weapons too.

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Security And Safety Is Must

This game will make you face problems of survival. Food, water, and other items will be available but you must reach them and also stay alive. There is also a security barrier around the camp that acts as a defense for you. Your aim in the game is to find out about your family. You must be a survivor in the game and find different ways to make your life easy in the survival process.

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Be The Bravest Warrior

If you can survive this game you can become a true warrior. The war against mutant zombies continues and more humans become zombies every day. But such an environment full of half-dead is putting your health and life at risk. You also need proper medical care and keep searching for your family.

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MOD Features

Survivor z mod war is nothing normal fighting against mutant zombie bosses. Here you need more power than ever which is provided in this apk mod free. You can use unlimited diamonds; money for shopping that is presented to you as a reward in the game. You need health to compete with these monsters and strong weapons that can fight such horrid creatures.

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Graphics and Control System

Controls in the game are very simple and easy. Developers have used different graphics for this game at different places. Moreover, get the game for your android devices and enjoy full simple control of the game.

Zombie Massacre Celebration

You must look for and find all your family members and make sure they are safe. Zombies are very deadly for humans as they are always in search of human brains and make them half dead. Furthermore, this is a war where you must kill to stay alive. Several different weapons are also available. You can even get the zombie’s weapons after killing them.

Cruel Creatures

Zombies are cruel creatures and kill for their survival. Although these are not normal enemies as they cannot defend themselves when attacked but work together as a team. You must keep in mind that these are not any soft-hearted creatures and plan accordingly.

What’s New

Collect as many weapons and prepare yourself to fight anytime. Furthermore, search for supplies like food, equipment, and weapons. Deadly weapons are also available on demand. Build a system of survival and you will need your camp to collect food, water, and wood, and learn to create your shelter.


How can we heal our players?

If your player is badly injured but is still a human, give him some time to heal on his own. Also, use your healing powers from the inventory to pace up the process

How to get the motorbike key?

Tap the flashing season medal placed next to the gift box then tap the exchange tab. On the list, the key is the first item, and pick it from there.

Where can we use crystals in the game?

Crystals are only unlocked on level 50. After this level use them to make in-app purchases.

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