Solar Smash Mod Apk 2023 Unlimited Missile/ADS Removed

Solar Smash Mod APK is based on destroying the solar system or the complete universe by targeting its components. Here, you will get unlimited money, ad-free gameplay, and unlocked features. This mod APK has better graphics and sound quality than the original one. Stay connected for further updates.

Solar Smash Mod Apk Cover Free Download
App NameSolar Smash
Latest Version2.0.2
Developed ByParadyme Games
Requirement5.1 and up
Updated3 Days Ago
MOD FeaturesMoney/Missile/No Ads
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Introduction to Solar Smash Mod Apk

Solar smash Mod APK falls in a simulation category and involves the destruction of the universe by targeting its planets. You can use different weapons for explosions, and the extent of destruction varies with each weapon. It is introduced by Paradyme Games.

Moreover, you can use the desired weapons to smash any planet or Asteroid. Similarly, Solar smash is based on smashing the components of the universe by using weapons like nuclear missiles or laser lights. Different weapons have different capacities to affect the planet. It would be best to prefer nuclear missiles for massive destruction that may sound scary but are amazing.

Further, in GTA V ads are not there to irritate you. You can enjoy the gameplay with great attention, and the focus matters a lot while playing the game. Likewise, the Mod solar allows you to unlock several weapons from the store and buy them by using coins and money.

Additionally, Solar 2 APK offers you a mod that will help you choose a customized color for your planets. Similarly, you will see the amazing colors after the bursting of planets, which is the publisher’s remarkable effort. These graphics are adding to its popularity among gamers. You can also try Mystic Messenger Mod Apk.

The Gameplay of Solar Smash Mod APK

You can play Solar Smash Mod APK even if you are a novice. Everything is simple to comprehend because of its excellent interface. You can gain experience after playing some levels. After learning the basic rules of the game, go to the daily missions and accomplish them.

Furthermore, Smash it APK gives you many options in terms of tournaments and daily missions to prove your attacking abilities. You can target any planet by selecting a suitable weapon for it and can destroy it. The destruction process takes time, but it will be faster if the choice of weapons is appropriate.

In the same way, Smash APK is a very diverse game because it gives you several opportunities to explore the game and unlock more features. This game is just like an addiction, and you are going to love it because when you have more than one option to select, it will be more interesting. It will be great gameplay for those who want to get more items to make it more interesting.

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Solar Smash Mod APK Features

Explore the Planets

You can explore any planet like Earth, Mars, or Jupiter by targeting it. After choosing the planet, find a suitable weapon according to its size and attack it. If the size of the planet is greater, smaller weapons will not destroy it effectively.

Solar Smash Mod Apk Image Download 1

Diverse Weapons

Different weapons are available that you can choose according to the planet. These weapons include laser lights, small asteroids, and some nuclear missiles. Likewise, meteor showers and laser guns are also used.

Solar Smash Mod Apk Image Download 2

Target the Universe

You can target any part of the Universe like many planets are available, the Sun and the Moon. Moreover, it depends on your choice that which planet you will target. The destruction process will take some time.

Solar Smash Mod Apk Image Download 3

Excellent Graphics

In this mod APK, graphics are excellent that show the great efforts of the developer. They have worked a lot on the color combinations and the interface of the game.

Solar Smash Mod Apk Image Download 4

Attractive Music

The sound of an explosion during the attack is so scary and sounds like the original ones. It adds to the thrilling features of this mod.

Solar Smash Mod Apk Image Download 5

No rooting

One more thing about this mod APK is that you don’t require any rooting of your device. You can run it as it is on your devices.

Solar Smash Mod Apk Image Download 6

Solar Smash Hack More Features

No Ads

Here, you will find no ads that affected you in the original game.

Infinite Coins

You will get many coins after getting this mod APK that you can use to unlock more items like weapons and planets.

Unlocked Features

Moreover, in Smash APK, you will get all the features in an unlocked form. Like you don’t have to unlock the planets and weapons by using your currency.

Planets Unlocked

Here, you will get all the planets unlocked. You don’t have to suffer and collect money to purchase these planets to use them. You can explore any planet that you want.

Additional Information

The Smash Mod APK is introduced with a lot of amazing features like unlocked planets. You can unlock the weapons by using the unlimited money you get from this mod. Moreover, there are no ads, and you don’t have to root your device. Likewise, Solar Smash Mod APK provides you with opportunities to get control of the universe and do whatever you want.

How to Download Solar Smash Mod APK

APK Color Download Mod Apk

You can get the Solar Smash Mod APK very easily. Follow the steps and get your mod on your device.

  • First, find out the link ‘download Solar Smash Mod APK’ and tap it.
  • Then, please wait for a minute to begin it.
  • Next, when you have got the downloaded file, tap and open it.
  • It will get installed on your iOS or Androids easily.
  • Play it as an attacker and destroy the universe completely.


Is solar smash on the phone?

Yes. You can get it on Androids because it was developed for mobile phones. So, the players will not find any difficulty in playing it and can play it anywhere.

How do you destroy the Sun in solar smash?

Yes. It is possible by using a black hole. You have to insert a black hole by targeting the Sun, and it will suck its energy. No heat will remain after that, and the solar system will collapse.


This simulated game has gained much fame among players, and they are addicted to it because of its graphics, sound effects, and unlimited features. So, the Solar Smash Mod APK is one of the amazing games with incredible graphics for the game-lovers interested in the solar system and its planets.
Therefore, grab your updated Mod APK version of this game and enjoy. If you face any issues with the gameplay or any other, you can ask here. Drop your comment. Be a Hero of the Solar system. Good Luck!

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